Closing Residential Registration (sold out)

Today we’re announcing that residential registration is now closed.  We know that we had previously set a date of the 17th April for this. However, we have now completely run out of room spaces for both our main venue and our overflow! Yes, you’ve been that keen!  With no more rooms to offer, it essentially means that no further residential registrations can be accepted anyway, so we’re making it official.

You can of course still register attending only or day ticket until the 7th May (more on that below).  In the meantime, we know some of you may have questions.  We’ve tried to answer these below.

I need to make changes to my room arrangements, am I now blocked from doing so?

Not necessarily, depending on what you are looking to do.  Please email before the 17th April to discuss any potential changes.

You said 17th April was the close date, can’t you stay open until then?

In a nutshell – there would be no point.  With no further room spaces to offer, it really wouldn’t do anyone any good.  We feel it’s better to just say outright that we’ve sold all the spaces we can possibly offer, including in our overflow.

Surely I could still be put on a waiting list? Maybe someone might cancel?

We’ve got several people on our waiting list already.  We don’t believe it would be fair to add yet more people onto the list.  Any new additions would not be likely to get a room space.

I’m already on the waiting list / I registered recently.  What happens now?

Our registration team will contact you with your options shortly.  Please keep an eye on your inbox.

OK, what other registration choices are there?

At this stage, you can still register for attending only or day tickets until the 7th May.  For more details on attending only and day ticket pricing, please click here.

I don’t see an option to choose a day ticket in the registration system. What do I do?

To bag a day ticket, register for attending only, and put in your comments which day(s) you want to attend.  You can complete this process without having to pay.  You should then immediately email to confirm with them that you wish to change to a day ticket and which days you wish to attend. Once your account has been updated with the correct information, you can then pay for the day tickets as per our normal payment process.

If you have any other questions not answered here relating to registration, please contact . Note that at this time the team may be under a high workload, so please bear with us whilst we handle all inquiries.  Thank you.