Security information announcement

Hi all, Codewolf here from the Confuzzled welfare (security & first aid) department.

As you are probably aware due to the recent attack in manchester and the ongoing threat of terrorist activities, Prime Minister Theresa May has set the threat level to its highest level: critical.

We in security are aware of the increase in the threat level and are in constant communication with the head of security for the “Specials” gig and “Slam Dunk” rock festival that will be taking place next door to us in the NEC.

We will be synchronising our efforts throughout ConFuzzled to keep attendees of both events safe, and will be in communication and have debriefings on a daily basis.

We would also like to remind attendees not to leave bags and other items left unattended in public areas of the hotel, especially in this hightened state of alert.

As always if you do have any concerns we can be reached via Con-Ops or by speaking to one of the welfare team who will be wearing black lanyards.



ConFuzzled Head of Welfare