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Our 2017 Charity Total is… [Updated]

UPDATE 17th July 2017. The totals have been revised, they’ve gone up! See below!

As you know, this year ConFuzzled went right back to the start, inviting the Badger Trust to be our supported cause for the 2017 convention.

Way back at the first ConFuzzled in 2008, we raised £1,610 for the Badger Trust.

This year, we’re pleased to announce that our final total is:


Fantastic! This is an incredible achievement, and we’re so thrilled to be able to make this donation to the charity. It’s thanks to YOUR generosity that this is possible: THANK YOU ALL!

Needless to say the charity also pass on their thanks and huge appreciation for your support this year.  It’s going to make a big difference.  The whole team here at ConFuzzled are immensely proud of our attendeess and the wider community for the support shown each year.

As this year marked the milestone of our tenth ConFuzzled, we went back and had a bit of a session on the calculator to see how much we’ve raised over the years, and it comes to:


That’s an awful lot of money we’ve raised for charity over the years, and we’re thrilled that this year represents our passing of the £100K mark!

We know that we can always count on you to support a good cause, and when the time comes we’ll share with your news on our charity for next year.  For now though, once again, a huge Thank You to everyone! Well done!