What is the Dealers’ Den?

The Dealers’ Den is the marketplace of the convention, where attendees can commission some of the best furry artists and fursuit makers from the UK and overseas.

There is also a ConFuzzled table where you can buy gifts, souvenirs and memorabilia from the convention as well as a selection of items from past years – for those who may not have been able to get them at the time. The table sells everything from badges and mugs to T-shirts and plushies.

What time will the Den be open?

Den opening times are yet to be confirmed, but we’ll let you know on the forum and Twitter when they become available.

The room

This year, the Dealers’ Den will be situated in the Queens suite, between reception and Main Stage.

The room is approximately 620m2 with air conditioning throughout and separate entrance and exit doors.


As an experiment, we will also have a second Dealers’ Den this year.

This will be situated in the Arden Suite, across the corridor from the main Den, and will only be open on Saturday.

The room is approximately 181m2 and also has air conditioning throughout and separate entrance and exit doors.

I’m interested. What do I need to know?

  • You must register for a dealer table in advance of attending – please see the details below under ‘How do I get a place?’
  • You must have paid your convention registration fee to get a table
  • Registering for a table does not guarantee you a table.
  • Dealer registration operates on a first paid first served basis (e.g. if someone registers for a table just after you, but pays their con fee before you, they will leapfrog you in the queue for a table). If demand is high, you may be placed on a waiting list for a table, until such time as one becomes available.
  • Tables are to be paid for when you arrive at the Dealers’ Den (no advance payment is required, see the ‘payment’ section below for details).
  • Dealers can nominate one assistant. Each dealer will be allocated a dealer badge – leave this with your assistant if you leave the den at any time. Assistant badges may also be available.
  • The Dealers’ Den will not be closing for meals, due to the convention not having set meal times. For this reason, we strongly recommend you have an assistant.
  • Food and drink will not be allowed in the Den, with the exception being if it belongs to dealers or their assistants.
  • The door will be manned at all times by a member of the security department. This is to ensure that non-attendees don’t wander in. Dealers are responsible for keeping their stock and valuables secure. The convention accepts no liability for any loss/theft/damage unless caused by our own negligence.
  • This year, we will not be allowing sharing of Double or Treble tables, as sharing is intended for people who do not require a whole table or more to themselves.
  • If you wish to sit near someone, please say so in the ‘special requirements’ field on your dealer table registration and we will do our best to accommodate your request, though cannot guarantee that it will be fulfilled.


PAT testing

We are required to ensure that all electrical equipment used by dealers is safe to be used.

This year, dealers will be required to hand any electrical items over to be tested when signing in for their table. You will not be allowed to take electrical items to your table until they have been tested.

If there is a queue, or if you would like to leave your item with us and collect it later in the day, you will be provided with a cloakroom ticket which you will need to present on collection.

How many days is the dealers’ den open?

  • We are currently working on finalising the opening days.
  • The Dealers’ Den will be open to dealers and their assistants only on Friday to allow dealers to set up their table in peace. Anybody found in the Dealers’ Den on this day who isn’t con staff, a dealer or a dealer’s assistant will be asked to leave immediately.

How do I get a place?

As with last year, we will be using our registration system to allow you to book a table. On the registration page there will be a box to tick if you wish to be a dealer. Once you tick that box, a dealer registration section will appear for you to fill out and submit.

If you have already registered for the convention, you will need to log in to your account and click the ‘Dealers Den’ link on the right hand side of the page

You must register for the main convention to be able to register for the Dealers’ Den, and your dealer registration will not be confirmed until your main registration fee has been paid in full.

If you wish to share your table with another dealer, you will be able to select this in the same way as you select a room mate, using their registration number. Both dealers will have to enter each other’s numbers for the table share to be confirmed. If the table share isn’t confirmed, the person who registered as a dealer first will get the table.

Please read the list of Prohibited Items. These rules apply to the Dealers’ Den as well as the Art Show. To register for the Dealers’ Den, you must agree to the following Terms and Conditions. We will ask you to sign this agreement at the con when you sign for your table.

Is there a registration deadline?

The deadline for dealer registrations will likely be in March/April 2017, at the same time as registration for the convention closes . The exact date is to be confirmed.


Please be advised, the pricing structure and rates have changed for 2016

  • One (1) 4ft table: £10.00
  • One (1) 5ft table: £15.00
  • Two (2) 4ft tables: £20.00
  • Two (2) 5ft tables: £30.00
  • Three (3) 5ft tables: £45.00
  • Wall Tables: Price above plus £5.00 per dealer

All proceeds from tables are donated to this year’s charity.

Contact the Dealers’ Den

You can get in touch with the  Dealers’ Den staff either by emailing us or by following us on Twitter