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PLEASE NOTE: ConFuzzled confirming a dealer should not be regarded as a sign of endorsement. ConFuzzled does not verify or otherwise background check dealers before confirming them and, unless they breach our Den terms or the Code of Conduct, we don’t reject anyone.

Any purchases made are at your own risk. ConFuzzled only provide space for dealers, and are not responsible for any business between attendees and dealers. As such, ConFuzzled will not get involved in any disputes between attendees and dealers.

We highly recommend that all attendees do their own research before agreeing to purchase from or commission any dealer.

Table NumberDealer nameItems this dealer will be selling
45Badger TrustCharity MerchandiseWebsite
46, 47, & 48ConFuzzledConvention MerchandiseWebsite
69, 70, & 71Aethertech IndustriesLeathergoods and maille, including collars and sketch books as well as fursuit accessories.
74Arro The LionDigital & traditional media toony artist offering prints, stickers and merchandise of friendly fluffballs having fun, creating mischief and getting into all sorts of trouble! May also be offering con commissions.
8The Art FoxPrints and commissions
43Art of FreyFoxComic books, art commissions
98Art of Zod / Playfur Prints, Badge Commissions And Comic
44The Bear's Essentials We manufacture and retail furry themed bath bombs. We also take commissions for bespoke colouration/scents/shapes of products, currently we offer paws, bones, cats, foxes, fish and birds (inc. owls of course!) and our range of moulds is expanding.
15, 16, & 17Beautyofthebass creationsPre made fursuit parts and various other Bass crafted items!
11Booshie Boo Commision slots stickers and other Goodies
111Cassius Crafts Fursuit props, harnesses, a ready to wear partial, themed badges, at the con digital commissions and more!
7CatStar Shirts, prints, badges, commission, suits, tails
33 & 34Cheesewheel LTD Temporary tattoos and custom UV badges. Also
offering art protection. digital screen (laptop or monitor) colour
calibration service on site.
108ChocolateKitsune Prints, Collectibles and Art Commissions
42Clawdore Prints, books and craft items.
22Crafty Marten Vibrant art prints, squishy plushies and a variety of stickers, charms, and jewellery. Con-completion and after-con commissions available.
94CrazyHusky Badges, Tags and Commissions.
63 & 64cwoodsdean CreationsFursuit parts, Fursuit accessorises, Shirts, Charms, Art commissions, Prints, And other furry goods.
19 & 20DanzaSelling fan art prints, R34 and landscapes. Will be open for conbadge commissions, derp/doodle badges, sketch and lineart commissions. May also be selling extra goodies!
37 & 38DemonicCompendium Artwork, prints, commissions, small fursuit parts, and accessories
5Dragibuz Prints, buttons, charms, postcards, stickers, and commissions artwork
52ElementalSpirits Art, Charms, Stickers, Prints and more!
102Ethriol On the spot commissions and art prints!
25 & 26Exotic-Erotics and Killveous Adult Merchandise and Charms as well as Prints and Stickers alongside Commissions by Exotic-Erotics official Artist and Designer.
90 & 91EZCooldownCooling vestsWebsite
65Facepaw Studios Fursuit parts eg tails and maybe art commissions
105 & 106FarukuCostumes Tails, accessories, artwork and commissions, Fursuit raffle, and more!
97Fawnspots On-the-spot commissions and handmade stock!
51Fioxy's Awesome Anniversary EmporiumCome one come all to a walk down memory lane of our vintage goods and new pokemon and classic gifts for all
82, 83, & 84furave All matter of glow from glow sticks to plasma plates
1 & 2Furrista.co.uk - Tufani LionFursuit making parts and accessoriesWebsite
95 & 96Furry Tailor Tails and other fursuit parts
88 & 89Furrytrash.exe Artwork, fursuit props fursuit accessories and trinkets.
10HeartlillyPretty prints, cute stickers and one off head accessories.
112Hunter's Prints and exclusive traditional commissions
67 & 68iimokookie My webcomic along with merchandise for it. On-the-spot commissions and for the person to receive later depending on what the customer would like. The commissions will vary from being sketch, to fully colored, can be made into a charm or badge/tag for around the neck. I will also be able to do metal pin/badge commissions on spot.
54 & 55IndiWolfonlineComics, commissions, mixed media prints and other goodies
58Jennulator Comics, prints, stickers, charms
99Kariss Jones & Don TroxoOrbit: Encounter, Art Prints, Commissions, and Metal Gear Ferret!
66Kickass-Peanut Plushies and art
31 & 32King Soy (Sirbarkalot)Custom Varsity Jackets, T-Shirts, Badges, Pins, Stickers!
21KisumiAdorable polymer clay figurines, jewellery, and traditional art work
114Kite Art commissions, prints
39KorrokArt commissions and prints
104KuraunosDen Fursuit Parts (realistic+kemono); DIY Kits, Tails, Paws, Partials. Animal Art Dolls, Original Paintings.
73Lockian The most colourful toony artwork! Traditional based artist creating stickers, prints, and hopefully more! Be warned there may be lots of dragons, big cats and space dogs. They may also be very adorable <3
27 & 28Lupeyroo & Tenshi Collaborations, Traditional Art, Digital orders, Posters, Prints & More!
79M & T Comics and CardsComics and graphic novels
62Mag Ferret!!Sketches, comics and stuff!
58Memokkeen My own comic, A4 & A6 prints, stickers, bookmarks, traditional commissions and originals
30MirriCommissions, original art, prints and small merchandise
93MorgPrints, Comics and Commission!
6Naalik Badges, art, fursuit props, trinkets
60NeoPrints, commissions and merch
56 & 57NeothetaPrinted products such as pillowcases, fabrics, smaller stuffWebsite
53Phantom Pixels Cross stitched badges of fur and gaming themes. Customs will be available. Possibly some crochet items too.
81Quickwind Studio Commissions, prints, originals and small merchandise! Website
29The Rolling WoofsTraditional commissions, sketch commissions, and prints
9Rocket Punch Militia feat DrDubz Art Prints, Trinkets, comics, commissions and incredibly dumb, action orientated fun stuff.
85 & 86Rorschfox Arts Furry art, prints, books, comics and keyrings
41Rynozerus Prints, books, original art, craft items
59SarsencatMacro artwork
12Sewpoke Plush toys!
107Shaggi Arts I will be offering ink and badge commissions as well as a selection of prints and stickers
18Shagpoke Studios Fursuits and accessories. Tails, handpaws, a partial suit. A few props
49ShuckCustom badges and charms, possibly shirts.
100 & 101Silverwind Studios Novels and comics by Karmakat, handmade leather accessories, paracord bracelets & lanyards
61SkaifoxMystery Box commissions are back, once again!
13 & 14Sketchbuck Fine art and illustration by Sketchbuck. Originals, commissions and gifts available.Website
72SketchkatClassic and Quick Sketch badge commissions
109SkiaSkai Prints Badge commissions Merch
3Spinal22Commissions, prints, keychain, buttons
4SpiraleCommissions, prints, comics, artbook, goodies
23SpiritraptorComissions, Artwork, Leathergoods
113Star-GazerCustom and original artwork, Stickers and charms
66starslikeroses Starslikeroses brand fursuit parts, bandanas, accessories and art.
87SushipurrsPrints, crafts, art commissions, etc
92ThatWickedSmile Prints, commissions, stickers etc
110Tazara Prints, stickers and on-the-spot commissions.
103Taya - Sparklepup StudiosArt commissions, fursuit related pieces and general sparkly trinkets!
24Trogan Traditional sculpture commissions and crafts
77 & 78Ventus Fall Artwork (prints), small self-made figures, and possibly more.
75 & 76WuffelpawworksFursuit parts, such as tails and paws. As well as fursuit props and small accessories
35 & 36ZikaurDigital and traditional art etc