rhubarbandcosmicFor anyone who hasn’t been to ConFuzzled before, they shouldn’t
leave without coming to some of our events. Across four (and a bit) days of frenetic activity, we aim to bring something for everyone. Whether you fancy catching one of our fabulous shows (daaaahling!) or listening to some of our distinguished guests.

Check out our humble YouTube page for more of our past recordings:


Alternatively, if big stage events are not your thing, we would love to see you at one of our many and varied panel events. Whether it is meeting up with likeminded furries at a social, learning about better fursuiting techniques or even inspiring your own artistic endeavours!



Finally, to unwind in the evening, we run a collection of events well into the night. Visit the Artists’ Alley if you wish to practice those newfound techniques, or perhaps pop into our Boardgames Room if you fancy a quieter distraction from the bar. A game of Werewolves may even spontaneously appear …

If you are looking for music, ConFuzzled run many DJ sets to party along to, and if you are really brave, look out for the Karaoke session!

Suggest an Event

All these events would not be possible without the help of our attendees. If you have a new idea that you’d like to run, please log into your account at There you’ll find a link in the sidebar to “Suggest an Event” for ConFuzzled 2017. We’re always trying to support exciting new events and working with our attendees to create the best convention we can.

Alternatively if you want to contact the events team you can always email us at

Looking forward to hearing from you all! Just don’t get too crazy …