Yum! Everyone like snacks. If your country makes something particularly delicious, why not bring it along to the International Snack Exchange? It’s easy: just turn up with your speciality, add it to the table for everyone to share, and try some of the other wonderful items on offer. No need to sign up in advance! Exotic and humble snacks are equally welcome, as are Brok’s beloved cookies. Other attendees may have all kinds of questions, so if you bring something interesting and want to stay with your snacks to explain their story, so much the better!

For health and safety reasons, please only bring solid, dry food that is prepackaged and has a long shelf life (and is within the best-before date). For example, packaged chocolate, cookies, candy, and crisps are all fine, but dips, jars of pickled onions/fish, and home-made cake would not be accepted. Because foods are brought by individual attendees, and because cross-contamination may occur, we cannot make any guarantees about food allergens.