With ConFuzzled entering its 10th year, we thought that this was an appropriate time to look back at our history and the journey we have taken to reach where we are today. As a part of that, we are planning a memorial for those members of our community who have sadly passed away.


We want to celebrate these people with the community that they held dear. The memorial will open with a short introduction, after which we will call forward attendees to present eulogies for those they would like to commemorate. This might include some photos, an item associated with that person, or just a short speech about the lives they led, and the positive contributions they made to our lives. A member of ConFuzzled staff will be available to read out messages given in advance. The memorial will conclude with 2 minutes of clapping because we hope that this event will let us look back with a smile on our face, and warmth in our hearts.


No matter whether they were well known or not, if there is someone you miss who was part of the furry fandom and is no longer with us, and that you would like to include as part of the memorial, then please send an email to germanshep@confuzzled.org.uk for further details. We ask that you get in contact with us no later than 3 weeks before the convention.