Why Sponsor?

So every year we at ConFuzzled try our hardest to give you, our attendees, the best goodies we can and the best ConFuzzled experience we can! You all help us bring the convention to life through your attendance, and for those people who sign up as sponsors we try our hardest to reward you all with some nice gifts in your registration pack!

The extra money you give ConFuzzled by sponsoring goes towards making the convention even more awesome! For example, the extra theming touches around the hotel that aren’t strictly required for the convention to operate, but really add to the atmosphere if they are there.

What do I get?

A warm sense of satisfaction that you’re helping to make the convention awesome! But we also reward you with some goodies.

For several years now we have been running a tiered sponsorship system. The more of you magnificent people who sign up as sponsors, the more we can do for the convention. Last year we were able to give away a special ConFuzzled themed hoodie alongside our traditional t-shirt, an awesome unique sports bottle and a pair of themed coasters.

This year is no exception! Our sponsor gifts this year will include our traditional items:

  • T-Shirt
  • Themed Drinking Vessel
  • Sweets

Extra bonus for all sponsors – a Brok keychain!  Check out the artwork (produced for us by Garnet) below!

The Tiered Goodies:

We’ve had good feedback about our tiered sponsor gifts and so we’re happy to be able to offer them again this year! How do you unlock these extra new gifts you ask? Simple! Sign up to be a sponsor, encourage your friends to sign up to be sponsors, and when we hit a certain target number we will add something extra to your sponsor packs. The more people sponsor, the more goodies you will get!

Tier 1: Target Number of Sponsors: 200 UNLOCKED

Tier 1 this year is something we have wanted to do for a while now: bandanas! A ConFuzzled themed bandana to wrap around your noggin! They’re great for wearing around the con, whilst tucked inside a fursuit and we will have fursuit-sized bandanas for sale at the ConFuzzled table in the Dealers’ Den!

Tier 2: Target Number of Sponsors: 300 UNLOCKED

Tier 2 is a set of pin-badges. But not just any old common or garden pin badge set – this is a set of 10 exclusive die struck badges each featuring a design representing a year of a previous ConFuzzled.

Tier 3: Target Number of Sponsors: 400 UNLOCKED

Our Tier-3 item is something special! A themed Brok towel, with art by Tairupanda! It’s the perfect way to reserve your spot by the pool!  Check out the awesome picture below for a preview of how it will look!


I hope you all think that these sponsor gifts are as awesome as I do. If you haven’t already signed up as a Sponsor and would like to get your hands on these amazing and unique gifts, all you have to do is email our registration team at registration@confuzzled.org.uk before the close of residential registration on 14th April and ask for an upgrade!

Remember, all sponsors (regardless of when you register or upgrade) get all of the gifts, including the tiered gifts! It’s our way of saying a huge thank you for all the support you give us!

As always, none of this would be possible without all of our attendees, and we look forward to seeing you all in May!

ConFuzzled Chairman