10th Year Celebration

It would not be a 10th year celebration of ConFuzzled, if we did not of course celebrate in style! And we could not think of a better way to embrace the excitement of this momentous occasion than by restraining you into a seat, and then catapulting you side-to-side, or upside down on one of the 2 tantalising thrill rides brought in specially for one day only!



01_single deluxe

For the real thrill seekers amongst you, this white knuckle ride should be certain to satisfy your taste for all things fast and extreme as you are quickly spun around and slowly raised up from the ground, before being subjected to a full inverted state.

However, it is not done with you yet! Once you are flying upside down, the arm slowly rotates, spinning you on all axis. This ride is certainly not for the faint hearted!

The Superstar operates with an overhead restraint and must securely lock into place in order for you to be able to ride. Riders will be inverted.

WARNING: Video contains flashing images



01_single deluxe

If you aren’t happy with seeing the world from upside down, but are still looking for the excitement of being flung around, the Twister is our second, and slightly more tame ride offering. Sitting in the ride car at the end of an arm, you will slowly start to spin around 360 degrees.

Not enough? Well, we hope you do not get dizzy – because not only will you spin around at the end of the arm, but the entire ride will start to rotate as well, giving you a fully immersive washing machine experience!
The Twister operates with a lap restraint bar and must securely lock into place in order for you to be able to ride.

WARNING: Video contains flashing images


How do I ride?

The following is a list of things you need to know before taking part in the mayhem of being spun around!


Sunday 28th May
Midday to 6pm


External Car park
Same location as the Motorfurs meet


All rides are FREE!

However, if you feel so kind as to make a donation to our charity, big or small, in the provided collection points, this will be very much appreciated.

There is no limit to how many times you can ride.
One ride per turn. You will need to rejoin the queue to ride again.


Fursuits are ALLOWED on the rides, but at the operators discretion.
Fursuits must not be loose fitting and risk coming loose during the ride.
Fursuits must not interfere in any way with the safety restraints.
The ride operator gets final say and their decision must be respected and upheld.


With the best intentions, the rides will operate during the advertised time window. However, safety is paramount, and if the weather is deemed unfit, the operator may suspend rides at any time.

Terms and Conditions

    1. All attendees ride at their own risk.
    2. Fursuits must not interfere with safety restraints. The ride operator has final say on if the suit may or may not ride
    3. Fursuiters ride at their own risk. ConFuzzled and the ride operator are not be liable for any damage(s) caused to fursuits and/or other costumes
    4. Health and Safety is paramount, and we will operate a zero tolerance approach to people deemed as putting themselves or others at risk.
    5. The ride operator will always have final say on who can ride. This will include if health of the rider may be in question, and if someone is deemed to intoxicated.
    6. ConFuzzled and the ride operator cannot be held accountable for changes in the weather.
    7. You may ride as many times as you like, but must re-join the queue after each turn if there are people waiting.