ConFuzzled 2017 - 26-30 May 2017

Hilton Birmingham Metropole

A long way from San Dimas, California, the year is 2017, and the future of civilisation rests on Brok's history report. With a little help from a time travelling phone box, a most triumphant gathering of bodacious furry things, and a crash course in the 10 year history of the UKs biggest furry convention, the future is in good hands. And remember...

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

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Our Venue

Unprecedented adventures need a most audacious destination. For the fourth year we'll be travelling back to Hilton Birmingham Metropole

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The Theme

Time travel, dude! In honour of Bill and Ted, join Brok to relive 10 years of ConFuzzled's most excellent adventures

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Pricing & Membership

Peruse the room types, membership levels, and phone boxes* for your most ambitious journey through history

*Time travelling phone box subject to availability and cleanliness

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The Funfair comes to ConFuzzled!

This is the best thing ever!  We’re having funfair rides … at ConFuzzled… free for all attendees!! OMG!  Read all about it here: , this is so awesome!!

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Our memorial event, for those who are no longer with us

ConFuzzled 2017 will be holding a memorial for those members of the community who are sadly no longer with us.  For more details, please review our page for the memorial here:

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ConFuzzled Automatic Waiver Of Obnoxiousness (AWOO) Permit

Taking into the consideration the weight of public opinion on the matter, ConFuzzled has taken an executive decision to, under certain circumstances, allow some obnoxious noises to be made by a subset of attendees.

To prevent overwhelming disruption to the hotel, the ConFuzzled Directors are restricting these sounds to Sponsors and have categorised the various noises permitted and provided reasonable restrictions on their use.

For …

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